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    Data for the Common Good


    Since 2011,
    GreenGoWeb® is the pioneer in applying gamification principles in the field of sustainable development.
    The company fosters innovative climate-mitigation solutions by engaging individuals, non-state and subnational actors. This unique “pledge-and-review” system allows for network creation and dynamic collaboration amongst participants. The data, treated anonymously, provides a clear visual on consumption patterns.


    GreenGoWeb® led original R&D in 2012, with P&G, Europe and Accenture to create and launch one of the only tools where participants don't need to enter data.

    GreenGoWeb® provides a set of comprehensive measures to reach out and engage individuals in effective, yet feasible, bottom-up actions. We create a virtuous circle, whereby we generate metrics that we convert into tangible performances, which in turn are monitored and certified. In so doing, we help organizations contribute to the SDGs and savings can contribute to nature preservation projects.


    The Founder's pioneer work and unique approach, rooted in Geneva Declaration of Principles "Building the Information Society: a global challenge in the new Millennium", 2003, will develop into a research. We, therefore, work with CINTCOM Foundation: Collective Intelligence to Serve Society.

    MarLa Burgener, Founder Profile (Linkedin)


    Our goals are to integrate Artificial Intelligence in order to accelerate data processing and achieve a greater impact, to comply with Smart Cities' needs.


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    Depuis 2011, GreenGoWeb® est une société pionnière dans l’utilisation de principes de jeux, appliqués au développement durable. Nos méthodes permettent de motiver les participants -bottom-up- tout en mesurant, de façon certifiée, les économies de ressources. Nos principes d'engagement sont participatifs et positifs; chacun est libre d'agir à son niveau et d'être récompensé!


    GreenGoWeb® a collaboré avec P&G, Europe et Accenture afin de déveloper l'un des seuls outils ne nécessitant pas que les participants saisissent des informations.


    Les données sont anonymisées et traitées de façon à visualiser l'impact collectif. Les organisations sont libres de reverser les économies à des fondations pour préserver l'environnement tout en s'alignant sur les Objectifs de Développement Durables de l'ONU.


    Le travail original sur le terrain effectué par la fondatrice, profondément ancré sur la Déclaration de Principes de Genève "Construire la société de l'information: un défi mondial pour le nouveau millénaire" 2003, fait désormais l'objet d'une recherche. Pour ce faire nous travaillons désormais étroitement avec la Fondation CINTCOM: l'Intelligence artificielle au service de la société.

    Profil de Marie Laure Burgener, Fondatrice (Linkedin)


    Nos objectifs sont d'intégrer l'Intelligence artificielle afin d'accélérer le traitement des données et multiplier l'impact afin de répondre aux besoin des "Smart Cities".


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  • Mission

    We're on a mission to truly empower people by respecting their data ownership and using collective intelligence as a force for good to accelerate the 2013 Agenda.


    We're on a mission to engage people in bottom-up eco-actions with gamification to change behaviors and preserve natural resources collectively while reducing our Carbon Footprint.


    Technology needs to serve society and we want to develop AI for Good to speed up human response to natural disasters and resources scarcity.


    Climate Change has to be tackled by citizens, in order to build an index for sustainable behaviors in public and private organizations and accelerate our positive impact on the planet.


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  • Process

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    Bottom-up Engagement








  • How we do it

    We help organizations understand people to develop services for a sustainable future


    ACT2SAVE is a mobile app powered by GreenGoWeb®, which encourages organizations since 2013 to engage people in more sustainable practices in a fun and efficient way.

    Participants see the positive impact of their small actions in real time and don't need to enter data. A team of 80 can save a ton of CO2 in one hour!

    The data, hosted in Switzerland, is treated anonymously and provide statistics on consumption to strengthen Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reporting.

    Thus, advancing the SDGs.


    In addition, GGW provides workshop facilitation using the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY (TM) METHOD to map the organization CSR strategy.


    GreenGoWeb® provides companies with Online Sustainability Campaigns that can be easily integrated to motivate "Green Teams" to reduce an organization's overall CO2 footprint.

    The difference in consumption is tracked in real time and metrics (certified by Quantis Intl.) can easily be embedded in the Annual or CSR Report.


    Successful track record includes P&G Campaign Launch during Paris COP21.


    As part of the Climate-KIC Coaching Network, we develop workshops to help individuals understand the CO2 impact of our daily actions in an interactive way. 

    The team uses cutting-edge methodology to foster Collaborative Leadership in the field of Sustainable Development. 

  • What the Media Says

    COP 23, Bonn, November 2017

    Conference @ IETA BusinessHub

    Fostering Bottom-up Initiatives to Accelerate the SDGs


    This event will bring together experts on innovative bottom-up methodologies to accelerate SDGs implementation. For example, “Hackathons” stemming from computer culture, are short events gathering independent multidisciplinary teams of experts to solve a challenge. This unique method allows for subnational action by engaging non-state actors to help implement the SDGs while fostering innovation. A case study on the Pacific Islands will be featured.


    IETA Program: http://www.ieta.org/COP23


    Discover Germany, February 2017

    Where Saving the Planet is Fun

    GreenGoWeb is the smart company behind the genius idea to gamify sustainable practices. Satisfying the inner child whilst reducing our carbon footprint? This is how change really happens...




    COP22, PVBLIC - SDG Media Zone

    November 2016

    The SDG Media Zone at COP22 in Marrakech was a great opportunity to talk about entrepreneurship and concrete initiatives to help individuals contribute to the UN 2020 Agenda.

    Interview broadcast: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9W03GZ_m_mI

    PJ Investigation, April 2015

    Article on GGW being invited to Swiss Pavilion at WETEX conference in Dubaï.




    Nouvelliste, January 2014

    Article in local Wallis newspaper.

    Bilan Magazine, December 2013

    Article about GreenGoWeb Founder, Social Entrepreneur, MarLa Burgener in Bilan, the leading Swiss Financial Magazine, How to Save Resources in a Fun Way. Highlights the pioneer work on the mobile app which used game-like features, eco-actions and metrics.

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    GreenGoWeb SARL has its HQ in Switzerland
    Geneva & VS

    Please contact:

    MarLa Burgener, Founder & CEO